Richard III Society

Yorkshire Branch

Master at Arms: Paul Williams

I have always been interested in history and first purchased History today in 1966.

From about this date I began to have doubts about the stories concerning Richard III. Did he really spend two years in his mothers womb have a full set of teeth and long black hair sat hios birth?

In 1972 I saw Olivier’s Richard III, a wonderful, exciting production of intrigue and murder but utter garbage. Did anyone believe that it was real? I quickly realised that they did.

During the 1990’s I made a number of visits to Bosworth, in the days when there was only a tea bar. But during one of those visits in 1999, I collected a society leaflet and joined. One a cold Palm Sunday morning in 2010, I made a visit to Towton battlefield. I introduced myself to the Yorkshire branch and joined on the spot. Eventually, I ignored the old maxim never volunteer and joined the branch committee. I have never looked back. Long may the Branch flourish.