Blanc Sanglier

The Yorkshire Branch Magazine is, of course, named after King Richard’s personal badge. It is issued three times during the Branch year in December, April and August to our subscribers and has proved popular with Ricardians and non Ricardians alike.

The magazine is now in its 45th year, the longest running Branch publication in the Richard III Society. We have faithful readers and contributors from many parts of the worls and not all of them are Yorkshire exiles. Perhaps you would enjoy becoming one of them?

Produced by our skilled Editor Angela Moreton, with the invaluable technical assistance of her daughter Hannah, each issue contains 28 pages of interesting material, with never a dull paragraph to be found, even within the most learned contribution.

The Issue for August 2020 (Vol 54 Issue 3) contains:

  • The Fellowship of the White Boar (a personal journey, by Lesley Lambert
  • A royal mystery solved
  • A medieval Misogyn, by Sandra Pendlington
  • King Richard and Rosecombe
  • King’s Manor, York, by Maria Grazia Lucrezia Leotta
  • An expensive Angevin Suit, by David Turner
  • The Walls and Bars of York (Part 2)
  • The Tremulous Hand of Worcester, by Angela Moreton
  • Lord Hastings’ Town House